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My name is Masila, Benjamin Nguma, an alumnus of Mlolongo Vocational Training Centre. I came to know of this college through regular attendance of church service. It was announced in one of the Sunday services that the church was offering sponsored computer training. At some point in my career, I had felt like I was stagnating on the same sport and decided to give this idea a thought. I enrolled for a diploma in Software engineering to further my skills in systems Librarianship. At the time, I worked with a private university in Nairobi earning Ksh. 30,000 per month.

Before my graduation from the college and of course after grasping so well the concept of software programming and database management, I took an interview with the French Embassy in Nairobi and qualified! By the time I graduated, I was already assured of a job. My income jumped to my disbelief of Ksh. 70,000. And a promotion too, from an assistant systems librarian to Chief Librarian. My life began to spiral upwards, and since then I’ve been able to enrol for a masters class which am pursuing. It could have never been without this course.

Am so glad to the principle, the coordinator, sponsors and all stakeholders in setting up, and running this college professionally. And glad too to myself that I gave it a trial. Above all, God Almighty for inspiring this noble idea into the minds of His chosen people to bring affordable education to less fortunate.

The amount of fees I paid though hard to meet at the time is now insignificant compared to my earnings, because I paid only Ksh. 15,000. The commercial value of the course in Nairobi by then was around Ksh.120,000.

Since then, I have encouraged so many of my friends and relatives to join the college and take advantage of the sponsorship programme.

Once again my sincere appreciation to the sponsors, Father Joseph Poikunnel, Father Augustine, father Joseph, my colleagues in class, and the support of all those who made this dream a reality. May God continue to touch your hearts so that they will forever flow with love for others, bringing hope where there is despair.

Proud to be associated with Mlolongo Vocational Training Centre

Masila, Benjamin Nguma


My Experience in St. Joseph VTC Mlolongo

I have come to understand and appreciate the need for organizing my life, so each December I sit and reflect back on the entire year. I look at my successes, thank my Lord for them, then give my self a pat on the back, when I look at the areas of ‘improvement’ I always vow to do better in the following year.

That is how I got a turn in my life one December day year 2004. My challenging ‘weakness’ was that I was computer illiterate, I could not even communicate with friends through the internet. I then decided to list that as my no 1 resolution come year 2005.

By then I was a housewife and a mother of two kids. My husband, the only breadwinner could not help me due to financial restrains. God opened a door when St. Joseph's VTC was opened. If only I could enroll for computer classes, I would achieve my goal. The center is a 30 minutes walking distance from our house so I prayed to God to miraculous bless me so that I could start my classes. And God answered because come February 2005 I enrolled for a higher Diploma in computer studies. I paid school fee 8,000 Kenya shilling which is equivalent to US$ 112. This was the sweetest education ever. My teacher was quite talented and the learning environment was very conducive with individual modern commuters. There was another motivating factor, the Directors who are our priests promised to assist us secure jobs if we excelled in our studies, and that is how I got my job. I am now working as a TOT (trainer of trainers) on educating the youth and community on HIV & AID’S, behavior change, among other issues.

In January this year I enrolled my daughter in a boarding school and I am comfortably educating her. Also, I am currently furthering my education through a higher Diploma in counseling and psychology to be completed next year. My biggest joy is when I am working in the comfort of my house with my computer. The computer skills I leant have made my work be fun. Today I earn very good salary of Ksh. 19, 500 equivalent to US& 280.

I am happy today to settle my life and I come back to the Church in organizing the peer group in the church. I come to the school to browse and make use of the cyber café. I go to the community to help each other in educating the values of health and faith.

Mrs. Mary Concesa  - Former student

St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre – Mlolongo


Dear Friends,

Greetings from Mrs. Lucy Kimunya and the youth of Kipipiri.

Allow me introduce myself to you and to your esteemed organization as well share a story on an exceptional training center assisting the poor.

My names are Mrs. Lucy Kimunya, the wife of Finance Minister Mr. Amos Kimunya, member of Parliament for Kipipiri constituency.

I came to know about St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre in the beginning of this year from a friend of mine. And then I visited the place and it was impressive for me. After my visit I sponsored 18 students, from poor families in Kpipiri, to St. Joseph VTC, Mlolongo. 11(eleven) joined for tailoring while 7(seven) joined for computer classes. After completing the course 9(nine) tailors are now working, earning their salary and trying to settle while two dropped out. Those who joined the computer training have completed the first phase of the introductory part and they are due to start the advanced classes by the beginning of next month. So far, we are all happy with the success, courtesy of the supporters of the VTC.

I appreciate very much the impressive work done by this institution, especially imparting different skills knowledge to our marginalized youth of Kenya. I wish them all success and pray that their good work may continue to touch and change the lives of many more disadvantaged youth. I also express my gratitude to those who have assisted them to build this VTC in Kenya and those who are associating with them today. May the good Lord bless them all.

Thanks a lot for your continuous assistance and support to St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre – Mlolongo

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Lucy Muhinga Kimunya

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